It’s been over a week since I last managed to put words on paper for the WIP. It’s stuck. I feel like it’s a boat on a sandbank, looking over at Dundee, just waiting on the tide to come in and carry it back to shore. And while we are waiting on the water I’m beating off a particularly feisty seal that wants to eat the manuscript and probably my lunch. Good times.


So what does a writer do while waiting on the tide and beating off seals? I can’t speak for the rest of them. I’m sure everyone has their own way to get the writing juju back. The husband suggested I drink but I’m guessing turning up for the school run half-cut would lead to one of those social services affairs. Instead I’ve turned back to the music. It has always served me well in the past. When the words get lost I turn to someone else’s to help weave the pictures in my head.

And this book being set in Dundee I turned back to the most Dundonian of all musicians (go on, disagree. I dare you. I’d fight this point to the death): Michael Marra. His voice (both literal and figurative) are so inherently of the city that it’s helping return me to my roots, and to the roots of this book. Something that celebrates Dundee and her people.

I’m guessing most of you aren’t familiar with Michael Marra. His work is now digitalised and available on Spotify. It’s worth a listen. Here’s one with subtitles for the beginners: All Will Be Well- Michael Marra

(And yes, this entire post was me avoiding doing some actual writing.)

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