It’s Been A While.


I’ve shamefully neglected this blog for the last few months. There’s no reasons, other than life and work and writing lots.

So here’s an update:

  • The Lucky Weasel is now out at readers. (Which means good trusted people are tearing it to shreds then helping me put it back together so that it’s better). This used to scare me senseless. I still remember sending the first 50 pages of The Remote Part to Jenn Coryell, of @jennsbooks and wondering why the hell anyone would put themselves through this torture, exposing themselves to criticism and judgement like that. In the end it was the best thing I could have ever done and Jenn is one of my most trusted writing friends.

Critiquing is now one of my favourite parts of the process. Nothing helps a book come along like good Critique Partners and readers who won’t bullshit you and who can push everything to the next level. It’s even better when the make fun wordles for you like this one by April Benedetti:

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 9.35.57 AM

  • I should NEVER HAVE PUT THE WORD LUCKY IN THE TITLE. This was a major fail on my part. It’s been far from lucky. Twice it got eaten by computer death. But twice I was sensible enough to make sure it was backed up. Moral of the story, kids: back up your work!


  • I’ve started work on a new novel which consists of the holy trinity of stuff people like just now: Craft Beer, Scotland and Magic.



Expect more posts about beer and Scotland soon. Or soon-ish. Let’s be realistic here.