Jackie Bird

It’s that time of year again. Jackie-time. sna16bird1-_1423757a

Now. Before we go any further. I KNOW. I think we’ve already established the fact that I’m pro-Indy. So, I KNOW we have issues with the Beeb.


But this isn’t about politics (for once). Or writing. This is about the majestic wonder of Jackie Bird. Say what you like about The BBC. Jackie is fantastic.

Hogmanay would not be Hogmanay without her. Even this guy agrees:

But Jackie is more than just a sparkling outfit and an even more sparkly smile:

Happy New Year everyone. May 2017 be massively better than 2016.

2 thoughts on “Jackie Bird

  1. Jen chit

    Jackie I’ve tried to get tickets to hogmanay live for last 3 years with no success can you advise on how to be successful as I’d love to attend your show…watch it every year. It bril


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